We’re a free concierge service that finds you the perfect policy, at the best price.

Take coverage off your to do list — forever.



Our insurance advocates will help
you find an insurance policy that meets
your needs and ideal cost.

Great coverage is confidence.

How Margo Works

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Talk to an advocate.

Connect with one of our
industry experts. They’ll explain
your options and answer
all your questions.

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Pick your policy.

Make an informed choice
and we’ll do the rest. Virtual
document signing will have
you covered in no time.

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step 3


Relax you’re covered.

Take insurance off your to do
list forever. Your personal
advocate is just a call, text,
or email away.

Common FAQs

No. Margo is a free way to shop for insurance at multiple carriers. You can think of us as a superstore, offering several brands to choose from, but without any price markup. Because Margo operates independently and has multiple partners, we are able to link you to the policy that best fits you, versus trying to sell you a specific brand.
Margo is committed to getting you the best possible prices for the coverage you need. Our insurance advocates will help explain the pricing you receive in a quote and, if you purchase a policy, our advocates will monitor it for any price changes. With Margo you can rest assured there are no hidden costs. We’ll give you the same or lower price quotes as if you went directly to the carrier, but with the exclusive option to compare multiple carriers in one place.
Yes, Margo is free for our customers. Our carrier partners pay Margo when we find them a new customer, but there is no markup for you. The prices are the same (or better) than if you visited the carrier directly. Margo doesn’t get paid to push customers to one carrier over another. And Margo will never sell you a policy unless we believe it's a good fit.